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Are you a big fan of trucks? What about racing and solving incredible puzzles? If so, then this website is made for you. Filled with amazing, fun games where you can show your skills, you will be obsessed with them.

In each game there are different obstacles you have to go through and that’s why some of the games might seem a little difficult to solve at first, but with a little patience everything is possible. Everyone loves a challenge right? Drive fast, use your imagination to find the easiest way to win and enjoy yourself. Escape from the bad guys and try not to get in an accident while you race down the road with the crazy truck driver.

If you ever feel bored of racing, show us your skills by trying to park the truck in the right place in the time provided. You can even try to solve the hardest puzzles ever and please don’t forget to see how good you are driving a truck on ice. That’s pretty fun.

Try getting at the top of a mountain while driving one of the best cars. Compete with other people and see who can built the best bridge. But the best part is yet to come. You can play all of these games on your mobile phone because this website has a lot of touchscreen games.

Kids from all ages will enjoy them, since they are fun, intense, thrilling, a real catch in the eye. Don’t waste your time start now!